THE place to submit a COMPLAINT and check
REVIEWS before you buy.

How BuyersVoice will help you

A summary of what’s in it for you


  1. We will contact the business for you about your complaint
  2.  Depending upon the circumstances, we will arrange for our lawyers to write a complaint letter to the business
  3. We will give your complaint more power by combining it with others
  4. If it’s too late to get your complaint resolved, or if this is not your objective, we will alert the public to matters that you bring to our attention e.g. poor products or businesses which do the wrong thing
  5. Where appropriate, we will put extra pressure on the business to resolve the complaint by writing an editorial about the problem and/or arranging further publicity (social media, etc)
  6. We will keep your complaint “live” until it is resolved
  7. We will check any review of a product, or business, you write to minimise any risk for you

Some details of what we’ll do

tiger_mascot_large JPEGWe’ll contact the business for you about your complaint

You may not want to cause waves or you may think there is no point in complaining. If so, you’re not on your own – 1 in     3  people say they do not complain because it is not worth the effort. Therefore, let a consumer protection website do it       for  you – BuyersVoice. If you don’t want your identity revealed, that’s OK.

Free legal advice

In certain circumstances we will arrange free legal advice from our law firm. When a lawyer writes a complaint letter to a   business, the business tends to take it much more seriously. Just submit a complaint to BuyersVoice in order to qualify.

Strength in numbers

We link complaints about the same business or product together and publish the results. Whereas a business may not care about one complaint, if there are multiple complaints made public, the business will lose sales and will need to do something about it by resolving the complaints.

Alerting others to poor products and dodgy businesses

In addition to resolving complaints, one of our main objectives is to help people in their decisions about what business to deal with or what product buy. Therefore, even if it is too late to get your complaint resolved, it is still a good idea to let us know about the problem so that other people are forewarned and don’t suffer the same problem. This will also put pressure on the business to improve the quality of their products or services.

Extra exposure, extra pressure

Some problems need to be given more exposure, such as by writing an editorial for the home page of our website and/or publicising the problem elsewhere e.g. social media. We will also be promoting BuyersVoice extensively so that people will check the reputation of a business or product first.

 Resolution of complaint

Genuine complaints will only be removed from our website when they are resolved so the business will have to face the fact that complaints will continue to build up if they don’t do the right thing.


You have probably heard about the law suits against people complaining on social media. One fellow had to pay $100,000 because he breached defamation law. We check your reviews to protect you.

Russell Wheeler                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           CEO, Lawyer and Consumer Advocate

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